Upcycling Vinyl Records into Decorative Bowls

Today, I have a fun craft for you. It’s a great way to upcycle old vinyl LP records and give them new life. I am taking old, scratched vinyl LPs and making them into decorative bowls and containers. They are great as catch alls, change holders, or as unique holiday gift baskets.

Here’s what you will need:

Old Vinyl LP records (from the garage, thrift store, or a garage sale. The ones I bought at Goodwill had a lot of scratches and cost be about a $1 each. Be sure to check the value of the LP’s before use. I’d hate for you to turn a Beatles’ White album into an expensive bowl. ).

2 Metal or oven safe glass bowls, cans, etc. Stacking/nesting bowls work really well. These bowls/cans will shape your bowl. Choose 1 bowl slightly smaller and 1 the diameter you desire for LP bowl to have.

Cookie Sheet

Oven and oven mitts

Here are your steps:

1. Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees F. Place a cookie sheet on the middle rack in the oven to make it easier to remove the bowls and LPs. Remove any additional racks to make room for your bowl.

2. Once oven is heated, place the smaller diameter bowl upside down  on the cookie sheet followed by the LP on top of the bowl. Close the door and wait 15-20 seconds. The LP will droop over the bowl and be pliable. Remove the bowl and LP from the oven with oven mitts and place on a heat safe surface, like a cutting board or your cook top surface. You can also remove the cookie sheet with the bowl and LP to rest on the cook top. If doing this, be careful not to burn yourself on the hot surface.

3. Work quickly to shape your LP. You can use one of the following techniques:

  • Shape by hand (with gloves/oven mitts) by pressing down & around the bowl
  • Pressing a slightly larger bowl over the hot LP and bowl. Press down to force the LP into its new shape. Allow to cool 30 seconds and remove  your new bowl.

Please note: When doing this craft, be sure to work in a well ventilated area. LPs are made with PVC which release harmful fumes when heated. These bowls are not food safe. Food should not come in direct contact with the vinyl, as the chemicals inside it can leach out and be harmful. Wrapped candy and such are fine.

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3 thoughts on “Upcycling Vinyl Records into Decorative Bowls

  1. I buy them in charity shops (UK speak !!!) to use as table mats, then download the tracks from itunes to make a good dinner party theme!!

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